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Updated on Nov 04, 2015

How to give cow milk to 7 months old kid.... I have to add water or not in which ratio

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um saad

| Nov 08, 2015

hi,its not good to give baby cow milk before 1 year,if u r breastfeeding do continue that till she is 1.

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Diksha Dembla Taneja

| Nov 04, 2015

I used to feed my baby breastmilk in a bottle. After she completed 7 months I started giving her Am*l toned milk mixed with breastmilk. I started with 20-80 ratio (toned: breatmilk) and then increased it gradually every week and now by 8 months she was drinking the pasteurised milk. Now I give her full cream and toned mixed. I never diluted it with water. Hope this helps. P. S. Breast milk provides complete nutrition anf should be given until 12 months atleast.

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