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Baby gettin fussy n angry very soon

1 to 3 years

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Updated on Oct 10, 2015

Hello my son is 1 yr n 9 months old . He has a habbit to bite n hit every 1 around him .. how to deal wid him . N wants mum always around him

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| Oct 11, 2015

Hi Kanchan Rathi! R u working? Does the child go to play school or daycare? You think he has a role model whom he could be imitating? Is the child able to express himself? The answer to above mentioned questions can help in understanding better why he does that. Please try and find out a pattern in his behavior say for ex- does he hit only children or even adults? Does he do so when the other person say 'NO' in response to his demands? Is he not able to say in words what he wants and therefore gets frustrated and hence the aggressive response? Or does he do so when it comes to sharing his belongings or taking turns? After understanding the pattern in his behavior help him handle the similar situation without the use of aggressive behavior. for ex:he goes to a park and on a swing a child wants to take his turn and go first. But Kapil can't wait and wants to go first and he mostly handles this kind of a situation by hitting or pushing or biting other child. Your role would be to immediately stop this aggressive response by either diverting his mind to some other swing or taking him away from that situation. At some other appropriate time u could talk to yr child and tell him 'no hitting or no biting' that hurts the other child. Also share with him importance of sharing and taking turns. Explain to him through role play or being a role model yrself. If he doesn't listen warn him of Consequences and if he still doesn't listen give him 'time out'or take away his priveleges . At no point u should shout at yr child or hit him.. Be a role model for yr child by controlling anger/frustration in yr day to day life. Also help yr child express himself through use of words rather than use of physical force. I keep reminding my children that we have been given hands by GOD to pray, thank the Almighty ,fold our hands in front of our elders or for doing something good and never to break things or harm others. You could also try and give some sort of age appropriate explanation why aggression is bad. Kanchan the earlier the situation is dealt with the better the results. Let me assure you this aggressive behavior can be controlled provided u remain patient and consistent in yr efforts and firm in yr tone. Hope this helps!

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