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my son is 14 months old and weighs around 10. 8 kg. his birth weight is 3. 5 kg. is he gaining enough weight? im not sure because I never followed a proper diet plan for him and didn't even establish a sleeping routine. there are days when I fed him rice at 2 am and he slept around 4 am. he's a very busy kid and never likes to sit idle. recently he got high fever and fits even then he refused to get bed rest he used to play with whatever energy he got. he also bonds well with everyone. he doesn't cry unless something is wrong. is he growing well? because his father says that he's very unlucky to have a mother like me and he is surviving only because he still had beans on earth. my kid seems healthy and happy to me. my hubby gives examples about other chubby kids or extraordinary activities of other toddlers and never seems satisfied with him. and of course he blames me. I had an abusive and neglected childhood and I'm trying my best to give my kid all the love and care he deserves. but such comments from my husband really makes me depressed and I often wonder may be he would have been better without me. I stopped seeking his approval as he almost always leaves me feeling like a worst possible mom on earth and that is affecting our mother and son relationship. but im really concerned about his growth. is he doing okay? thank you for your patience. p. s. :I'm a first-time mom and don't have elderly in-laws(dead). don't have support from parents either and such comments from my husband crushes me.

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| Jun 16, 2016

He seems fine to me growth wise.. weight needs to be thrice of his birth weight at one year of age n he is somewhat near!so don't worry about that. However I GS u need to work on ur relationship with ur husband.. from what u r saying,I can say you two are not working as a team as parents. Talk to him thoroughly.. Like how he would wanted your son to be taken care of!involve him. Being mom to a super active kid can be tiring n overwhelming work in itself n ur husband might not know that. Also every motherhood is individual... have its own pace.. where woman learns to be a mother in all different ways each day... being responsible for kid in every possible way. But u need support for that. take ur husband's help in first n for most establishing a routine for ur child once he recover from. recent illness. N one more thing,take things lightly.. every new mother has someone around who s constantly making her realize how she is not doing enough for kid... how she is not the perfect mother. In ur case,ur husband be like that. may be he dsnt want u to miss ur MIL;)!) Anyways just ignore all this.. only a mother knows what's best for her kid. n no one understand a baby bette r than mother... u don't have to be a perfect mother... just be the most loving caring n responsible u can be for ur son. Tc

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