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baby has not started walk

1 to 3 years

Created by Savita Rawat
Updated on Jun 10, 2017

my 14 month old baby has not started walk yet... his weight is 15. 3kg... but he crowls n stands wid support... is dat ok... or its bit late fr him 2 walk...

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| Jun 13, 2017

Don't worry Savita. My son also late on many aspects from crawling, walking, talking etc. in fact he started walking after 1. 5 years. But the moment he started, it was super fast from then on. I think it shouldn't be a big concern, but can still cross check with a pediatrician.

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| Jun 12, 2017

thanku u ladies fr ur valuable suggestions... bt my baby seems lyk dat hes nt interested in walking... coz whenever i try him 2 walk, he folds his legs or lie dere... maximum he does crowl n few steps wid support...

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| Jun 10, 2017

Its never to late in walking sarita. Every kid has own pace of motor developments. As per I can relate, it could be the weight that is at times limiting him to walk. As Ms pandey has suggested, try to encourage him to walk more and more. Get the kid to park... play with fav toy... you can prompt him to get favourite things. Try using a walker with the single navigator handle. It looks like a trolley or cart. That helps more in walking rather than the typical sitting walkers.

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| Jun 10, 2017

Hi Savita, its ok , he walks with support soon he will start without support. its not too late , some children starts early and some takes time. Encourage him to walk , give your finger and make him walk . sit infront of him and show some toys ask him to come and take it , he will definitely come . Dont worry your baby will walk independently soon.

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