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Baby has recently become very irritable

1 to 3 years

Created by Ankita Roy
Updated on Jan 31, 2018

my baby girl is 1 year 2 months old. Till 9-10 months of age she used to be very cheerful. then gradually as she is growing a variety of emotions and mood swings have started to display. mealtimes are an ordeal always. But recently she has grown very irritable and nasty in almost all her routine activities. there is tremendous aversion towards food that is given to her. though she shows interest towards what the rest of the people are having. this sudden change of attitude and behavior has made all of the family very anxious. Also since I am a working mother I leave my baby at my mother's plc. she is also old now and my girl's tantrums are throwing life out of gear. Pls suggest is this change of behavior normal. I have consulted the Dr as well but not much of help. looking fwd to some useful feedback. thank you.

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| Jan 31, 2018

Hi Ankita. Babies don't know how to express their feelings and sometimes it may come out as an anger and irritation. When u and me were a child our mom spent their whole time with us. But now ur child cannot get so. She needs u and u only. Spend time as much as you can. Often give her a tight hug and say I will be with you forever. If she throws food or toys deal her politely instead of getting angry. Her taste buds work well as she is 14 months old. So please try different types of healthy foods and feed her atleast once in a day. Take her for a 10 min walk with you. Show her the beauty of nature. Watch her closely to find what she needs. You may see the differences soon.

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| Jan 31, 2018

hi Ankita Roy! it's difficult to pinpoint and say this could be the reason , however what one could gather from your description ,a cheerful baby can get irritable as she is missing you and her energy levels are not being matched by people who are taking care of her. since she is not been able to express it's coming out in this form. secondly she could be going through teething which is a temporary phase but do add to child's woes.. you need to spend quality time with her and play with her, talk a lot with her, do some activities and also tell yr parents simple things which your child enjoys which they can do in your absence.. keep in touch with her during the day .hope this helps!

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