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baby is not eating anything

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Updated on Nov 17, 2017

hello guise,my son is 16 months old and sometimes he eat food easily ,but sometimes he does not eat anything,he does not open his mouth,very hardly and forcefully I give his milk and dal lie down in my lap,he has not been eaten anything since last one week ,even he is very active but i m very worried plz tell me that what should I do so that my son eat food properly and take milk easily. Plz help me.

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| Nov 17, 2017

hi Priyanka singh ! first and foremost avoid force feeding him as that would make him further averse to food and have negative association to it. instead involve him in story telling ,or show him picture book or let him stack blocks or rings .keep him occupied ansd feed him alongside.. also give him some food which he can feed himself. in other words try and make meal time fun time and connect better with him. hope this helps!

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