baby is not having sufficient sleep

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Created by Tejaswini Potdar
Updated on Nov 06, 2017

hi my baby is 11 months old. he doesn't sleep for even half hour . he continuously crys even if he had his meal. plz help. what to do

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| Nov 06, 2017

hi Tejaswini Potdar ! some babies just hate to call it a day.. u could make sure he sleeps less during day time by keeping him involved in Activities, games, take him to park etc. around sleep time , give a wash with lukewarm water and massage with oil. change his clothes to night attire .keep the lights dim with minimal distractions around. u could also sleep or pretend to sleep for a while. please go through this blog.. hope u will find it useful! Hey! I find this parent blog really interesting. I suggest you have a look too:

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