baby is not sleeping well in night

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Updated on Dec 06, 2019

hi my baby is 4 months old, he does not sleep well in night he wakes up after every hour, please suggest the way where he can sleep continuesly atleast for 2 3 hours

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| Dec 06, 2019

Hi yuvaan ! I do understand your concern. babies usually sleep well by 6 months when they start getting semi solid diet as they get full after wholesome meals. however as of now breastmilk gets completely digested ,and hence they feel hungry every few hours. U could feed once late night and once early morning. Also make sure baby feels cosy and there are no distractions around.

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| Dec 07, 2019

Hi yuvaan! It's common in all babies. Usually by six months baby sleep for 14-16 hours a day. Sometimes hours are extended. Try to find out why baby wakes up frequently in night? Might be hunger, wet bed, pillow or mattress is disturbing him. Seems there's some distraction in your home. This you have find. Moreover feed him after every 2-3 hours. Read the below blog. It will help you. Blogs-

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