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Updated on Mar 14, 2016

my son is 10 month old he is refusing to eat r drink anythg,I'm more worried about him,my ped suggested me it's normal behaviour but I'm tensed y he is like that but he oly drink breastfeeding, he plays more & active can anyone help plz

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| Mar 15, 2016

Hi Suresh kumar! Please go by what yr Paediatrician says. There could be many reasons for him to avoid food teething, he is full, unwell, doesnt like what u r offering him. try and introduce one dish according to his taste sweet /salty in small quantity in an attractive plate. Whatever u offer should be soft , preferably semi-liquid and easy to digest. Try giving same dish for 4 to 5 days . Children at this age take longer to develop liking for a particular dish. Also make a meal plan and serve him food at more or less at fixed times. avoid breastfeeding 2 to 3 hours before lunch and dinner as if his tummy is full he would avoid food. Tell stories or sing rhymes. Don't panic if he doesn't take. Try again. Consider even a spoon or two as success. I am sure he would soon accept it with yr patience and love ! Hope this helps!

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| Mar 16, 2016

Don't try to stop breastfeeding all of a sudden and completely.... Try to feed him other foods once a day initially... then slowly and gradually increase the number of times.... let him taste different foods which develops his taste buds and his interest towards food... garnish the food items colourfully which draws his attention

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