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Updated on Dec 23, 2017

Hello, i have a 1 and half months old baby girl.. she doesn't nap at all during the day. she seems sleepy but when we try to make her sleep she just sleeps for 10 mins and then wakes up whatever we do. and from past one she is not sleeping during night also.. she hardly sleeps for 7 hrs in 24 hrs. what do we do?

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| Dec 25, 2017

Even my 50 days boy rarely sleeps during day time.

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| Dec 23, 2017

hi Srujana Ch ! try and make her morning feeds active. keep talking to her, so as to keep her awake during day time. while at night dim the lights, let it be a quiet feeding session. avoid distractions around. also massage her at night , change her clothes. follow this routine gradually she would come around.

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