Baby not sleeping in night properly

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Created by Neha Gupta
Updated on Jul 12, 2017

My daughter is 3. 5 month old. She sleeps for the whole day waking up in between for feed breaks. And then gets up at around 5 in the evening. After that she takes nap around 7 and then sleeps finally at 10 . but she wakes up frequently in night and finally wakes up at 3:30 . after that she sleeps after 5 in the morning. I try to wake her up in day but she cries a lot to sleep so I have to make her sleep in day. What should I do to make her sleep properly in night? Please suggest.

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| Jul 13, 2017

well I don't know much about it... but two experts at my place.. (i. e. my mother nd my mother-in-law).. say that when baby starts taking other foods in addition to milk they will behave better way..

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| Jul 12, 2017

Till when can I expect her to set her time table as per mine.

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| Jul 12, 2017

try take rest the time she choose to sleep... babies have their own time table.. we have to adjust with it.

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