Baby not urinating much

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Created by Reshma Rani
Updated on Apr 14, 2017

My baby is six and half month old hes urinating very less these days if he does its dark yellow i keep giving him water but he dont have much.. he sweats alot... i found a bit powdery in his urine today evening when he peed his urine was dark yellow plz anyone suggest what to do is it something to worry

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| Apr 17, 2017

babies urinate very less in summer. breast feed more often if the child has difficulty in sipping liquid. dont worry too much.

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| Apr 15, 2017

hi reshma.... since ur baby is not ready to sip water ....give ur baby fresh fruit juices without sugar n diluting... fresh tender coconut water.... u too with a separate glass and show ur baby that ur having it too ...ur baby might show interest out if desperation that ur having something.... I hope ur still breastfeeding kindly step up ur intake of water.... give melons to ur baby... if ur still notice that the powdery thing consult ur paed.... deep yellow color is because of dehydration thru sweat n low water intake which is not good for ur babys health.... u could try some colorful cups, mugs or sippers ...may b it will help

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| Apr 14, 2017

thankx Rashmi i do give him water but he dont drink much i feed him through spoon as hes hates to have from bottle hes still dont drink n bottle so need to feed him through spoon

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| Apr 14, 2017

Less urine and yellow urine is due to body conserving more water. Provide more water to ur baby. Give water melon juice,orange juice. More water baby drink clearer the urine.

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