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Seema Meena

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Oct 19, 2015

heloo I have 2 months baby. he sleeps only 10 hour in a day.. and he does not sleep at day time.. at time he sleep very less.. for 15 mins and than wake up... what should I do... olz comment

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Upasna Bhanot

| Oct 22, 2015

Hi dear, Swaddle you child post massage & bath & at night, this will make the baby feel comfortable and cozy & will sleep well. Rock him a little longer at daytime once he goes off to sleep ensuring he is asleep.

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Shruti Mehta

| Oct 20, 2015

Hi seema i guess the doctors now a days do not prefer cows milk so rather do switch to formula milk for your baby... mostly d reason of him being cranky at dis age has to be dat he is keeping hungry... and also dis is why i think he is not able to sleep properly.... do consult your paed on which formula milk to start and the time intervals to feed him... hopefully ur baby will start enjoying d new world and will sleep properly... all d best

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seema meena

| Oct 19, 2015

my lactation is less so I have to give him top feed... I m giving diluted cow milk.... how mucj should I give to him.. how I would know that his tummy is full.. plz reply

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seema meena

| Oct 19, 2015

cranky means???

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| Oct 19, 2015

Hi Seema, Is he cranky when he is awake? If he is then might be he is not taking feeds properly. Babies tend to sleep while taking feeds so you may tickle on his feet to make him awake and take proper feed and then fall asleep. Once his tummy is full and there is no disturbance in the surroundings and he may sleep for longer and you also try to take a nap along with him.

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