baby sleeping problem

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Created by Anu
Updated on Jul 28, 2017

Hi frnds, my son is 4th old, he doesn't sleep the whole day, at night he sleeps at 1:30 Am ,some ladies told me that baby sleeps alot but my baby doesn't sleep it's very tough 4 me, is it normal ???

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| Jul 28, 2017

thanks for ur suggestions, my baby is so energetic and active is dis reason , he doesn't sleep

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| Jul 28, 2017

babies sleep. a lot and they must sleep... then itself their minds be peaceful n their digestive system n growth goes smoothly.. or they get irritated after some period. due to sleep deprivation.. they cry a lot.. don't eat... behave crazy.. wont njoy... my co-sis daughter is like that.. he obviously gets sleep.. try putting him on a pillow on his stomach n put the pillow on ur laps n rock with a song... he sleeps for long time.. use cradle.. sometimes wen feasible u sleep close to him he sleeps... good luck!!:)

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