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Created by Rake Uo
Updated on May 08, 2017

Mommies I need suggestion here . My baby is turning 20' months but he is not more social . Whenever he see some coming to house , or passer by greet he cry vigorously , ended up with cold n vomit . We try taking him to Parks t let play with peer groups . He is ok to somewhat . Any idea how to overcome his fears . I am afraid how he ll mAnage in school n all

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| May 09, 2017

Thanks .. I ll follow on ur suggestions. I cud sense all these fear issues is due to my Father in law who keep scaring my baby with unknown character if he dies not sleep or eat. Probably that could be possible cause for his fear

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| May 08, 2017

hi RakeUo! I completely understand your concerns! he's too small and will surely overcome his fears with your persistent efforts . please observe this happens more when he sees uncles or aunties? make sure nobody at home scares him that if he will not have food or behave well, some baba or lady will come to take him away. we usually say this line to our children to scare them so that they follow instructions as a result children get scared of all adults. also if u already know guests are going to come, let your child know about them beforehand only. show him their picture, tell him their names, and more details about them , so that child doesn't feel he's going to meet strangers. make him feel comfortable and avoid forcing him to greet them as that could again trigger that panic response. once he is comfortable he will own his own approach them . hope this will be of some help to u!

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| May 08, 2017

try to make him play with other kids on a regular basis. This happens when we keep our child limited to ourself and don't interact him with other kids. let him interact with 5-6 kids on regular basis for 20-25 days. trust me,u'll see a big change

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