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Updated on Dec 27, 2017

Hi, my 1 month baby has lot of gas problem. Between 6am to 3 pm he does not pass stool. and also between this time he burps a lot and cries after every burp. Even though I burp him for not less than 10 min after every feed. I am giving neopeptine on docs recommendation but there is no major difference. I massage him for an hour so that he can pass stool but all in vain. Please guide.

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| Dec 27, 2017

hi deepti Srivastava! newborns sometimes don't poop for even 6 to 7 days and sometimes poop 6 times in a day. that's okay.. here is a blog, on how to deal with a colicky baby. Hey! I find this parent blog really interesting. I suggest you have a look too:

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