Baby taking out/vomiting out milk sometimes

Manoj Sardana

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Jun 12, 2013

Hi Friends,   My baby is going to be 4 months old in a week time. Lately he started vomitting out milk quite frequently. Earlier most of my friends told that its nornal for the kids of take out milk some time if they are not able to digest it. But such instances are quite frequent now. We are little worried now. While he is happy and play a lot and doesnt seems to be having any discomfort, we are worried if we are missing some signs of discomfort. Any suggestion/idea to make sure that he digest what he takes and dont vomit out mik will be helpful.   Thanks Manoj

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Manoj Sardana

| Jun 13, 2013

Thanks everyone. This is so relaxing. This is out first kid and little little things worries us a lot. Wondering if parentune and its members was not their to help us, we might be ending up visiting doctor every time :)

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| Jun 12, 2013

Yes Manoj, this is very normal and very common. It is called spitting up. Only little mouthfuls of milk will come out at a time. My son had this almost until he was a year old. This will stop as your baby's digestive system develops. There is no need to worry. Keep feeding him normally, burp him and make him stay upright for sometime after his feed.

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| Jun 12, 2013

hi, my baby used to do this due to overfeeding. As Shikha suggested, feeding smaller quantities more frequently helps. And burps are essential !

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Shikha Batra

| Jun 12, 2013

It is indeed quite common in babies who r younger than 6-7 months n who do not sit. As when they r in d lying position the milk tends to regurgitate from food pipe n come out from mouth rather than going down in stomach. this also could be due to speed with which they take in milk. The best possible way would be to give milk frequently n in small amounts. N get d baby burp after each feed by rubbing his back in top down motion. And after a break of 1/2 to 1 hr u can again try giving milk. babies stomach is quite small and it is quite natural for extra milk to come out.

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