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baby talking

3 to 7 years

Created by Sai Bhavana
Updated on Mar 05, 2019

my baby is 17months old.. he is not talking much.. he will talk only 2 words.. is it normal.. plzz help me for baby talk

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| Mar 05, 2019

hi sai bhavana! please make sure he is not watching too much of ipad, phones and has less than 45 minutes of screen time in a day.. talk a lot with ur child. show him picture books, read bedtime stories to him.. let him play with agemates. make him join a playschool where he will learn faster to speak.. do more of age appropriate activities with him. dont give in to gestures or one word answers. priase him when he completes a sentence. talk slowly and clearly with him. i am sure u will notice a change soon..

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| Mar 05, 2019

speech milestone is now till she turns 2 years. encourage her to speak small sentences and dont give her water n food or her toys on hand gestures-instead ask her to speak small sentences n then give what she's asking for.

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