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Jivita Soni
0 to 1 years

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Updated on Jan 18, 2016

My baby weighs 5 kgs she is two months and 12 days old her birth weight was 2. 75 kg .so is she over weight?what should I do to maintain a normal weight gain?

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Tejal Singh

| Jan 22, 2016

Hi, I totally agree with @Aabha. My son was 3kg when born at 1. 5mnth he is 4. 5kg Don't worry about weight in such age. Keep feeding n enjoy feeding.

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| Jan 18, 2016

Hi Jivita.. I had the same concern when my baby was young. Generally in the first 3-5months the baby gains approx one kg per month.. so going by that,your baby doesn't seem to be overweight but Please don't worry about the weight right now.. just keep feeding your baby on demand.. later on when their activity increases, they don't even gain one kg per month.

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