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Updated on Sep 03, 2018

Hi, this weather is making my toddler’s hair rough, it might be due to sweating and after oiling, she sweats more. How many days in a week should I oil and wash her hair?

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| Sep 10, 2018

try mama earth hair oil and shampoo both combination very effective for dry hair.

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| Sep 07, 2018

i guess u can wash alternativly . also use mild shampoo that dont eat away all moisture n mild oils which really not that oily but healthy. i am using mummaarth oil n shampoo for my daughter. You may try too

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| Sep 03, 2018

hi Kavita Singh ! u can do oiling 2-3 times in a week and wash after 45 minutes to 1 hr.. don't let oil remain in his head for long. wash with a mild shampoo. is blog ko padhiye aapko madad milegi.

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