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Created by Vani Kulkarni
Updated on Aug 23, 2018

Hi mommies. Have came across this new range of Johnson's products on amazon which claim to be paraben and dye free. Wanted to gift the same to a friend's newborn. Has anybody tried?

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| Aug 30, 2018

Do give it a try, have heard some rave reviews regarding the same. Still awaiting my products :)

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| Aug 27, 2018

yes, have tried the new johnson top to toe and the milk and rice lotion. both are excellent and work well with my son's sensitive skin

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| Aug 24, 2018

I have somehow lost my faith from Johnsons after the whole fiasco... I have switched to Mama Earth products which are organic, chemical free, toxin free and paraben free... they are dermatologist tested also and are very mild for babies

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| Aug 24, 2018

Hi yes I recently came across and ordered them. Infact loved the one touch push pump bottles , their milk and rice range with an absolutely transparent bottle of baby shampoo. You can try these too.

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| Aug 23, 2018

hi vani kulkarni ! what might suit one child , might not suit other. if possible avoid gifting bathing soaps and shampoos. a parent would know best what suits his / her child. u can give other stuff like age appropriate books, toys etc..

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