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Sweety Patel
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Updated on Jan 01, 2016

Hello, my baby girl is going to complete 1 year... bt the problem is that her weight and hight nt enough.. as according to her age... nd she prefers to eat finger food always than lquid food plzzz what should I do to meet her development milstone...

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 Sukanya Banerjee

| May 02, 2016

If she likes finger food why are you trying to give her liquids. Give her carrots, apples cut into small sizes. She might like them. figure out if she likes sweets more or savouries. That way you can choose different finger foods which will be healthy for her as well

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Kavita Thaker

| Apr 17, 2016

Hi u got to keep trying different foods tats wat I read somewhere. U can give her curd with sugar also banana with sugar n ghee. Can add ghee in any thing and every thing. Hope it helps. As kids like this kind of sweet food.

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