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Baby's irritating behaviour

3 to 7 years

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Updated on Sep 09, 2015

my baby is 3. 3 yrs and she irritates very quickly and then she starts shouting at us. Also she don't want to drink milk while going to school. If i try to convince her to drink she gets irritated.

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| Sep 09, 2015

Hi Prianka, In this age children doesnt want somebody is after them for things they don't like. Probably your daughter doesn't likes milk and hates when you ask her daily. You can add some flavors of her choice in the milk. You can also try barter, as in promise her anything of her interest not necessarily a thing but something which she likes may be like playing with friends for extra time, going to mall, going to friends house, her bday party.. anything. And we parents are role model for our children. If parents will drink milk then they'll also do the same. make a habit or rule that every person in the family has to take 1 glass of milk with breakfast. Also give her space, let her take decisions(small ones), involve her in household chores which will make her busy but just don't bother her everytime for small small things. Hope this helps.

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