baby's stem cell preservation

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Updated on Mar 15, 2017

what is the procedure of baby's anks cell preservation and also suggest me some reliable companies. Thanks in advance.

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| Jul 20, 2017

Don't have any second thought, Lifecell is the best. Now they have a new community banking option too, this extends the protection for the entire family. See if this helps:

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| Mar 15, 2017

Hi shilpi, When babies are born, they come to this world with super power that protects them from various medical conditions and provides a lifetime of good health. Your little super hero’s power lies in the stem cells present in the umbilical cord blood. Cord blood banking is the process of safely preserving these lifesaving stem cells after childbirth which can protect your child. There are 5 steps of stem cell preservation: 1 Enrollment 2. Collection 3. Transportation 4. Testing ans processing 5. cryopreservation. There are many stem cell banks like Viacord, Cbr ( cord blood registration), Stemcyte. For further detail consult the doctor.

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| Mar 15, 2017

Fellow parents in Mohali can someone please help Shilpi. Shilpi you may also get in touch with your doctor for the same.

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