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Updated on May 19, 2017

my baby will complete her first year next month n she is not gaining much weight,her weight is 6 kg. she is having dalia,chapati,watermelon etc bt she doesn't like milk. she is breastfeeding baby. She is enough active she is touching her milestones,trying to walk with support bt I worried about her weight. pls suggest me should I need to concern?her birth weight was 2. 3 kg.

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| May 19, 2017

hi Shashwati! I understand your concerns. as per her birth weight she is doing fine as ideally it's expected a baby would triple her birth weight by one year. Shaswati try giving her full cream milk , yogurt made with whole milk, butter, add a generous serving of ghee to her dishes. also add fruits to her diet such as avocado, papaya, sapota etc. try giving her recipes made with whole milk if she doesn't like milk as such, such as custard, Dalia in whole milk , sago in milk, suji or tukda rice kheer in whole milk. hope this will be of help to u!

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