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Created by Nikita
Updated on Feb 13, 2014

Hi Parents, My son is 15 year old and back answering from him has been worrying me a lot. I end up losing my temper on him in trying to discipline him. Please help with suggestions.

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| Feb 14, 2014

Hi Nikita, I can understand ur feelings. Many many parents are facing the same problem as u. It's a clash of teen tantrums and mood swings of mother. Patience, perseverance and love are the only keys to solve the problem. In those days many kids were there in the house and children had fear, respect and love for parents. But technology, westernization ,globalization and modernization these days have taken education to another level. The demands from teens are so much. So parents must try to support them, believe and respect them. These days one or 2 kids are there in the family and they are petted and pampered so much. So when any advice is given for teens, they feel as if they are in a golden cage. And in cities when they see multi cultured friends and when some of them are a little bit free, they compare and start hating the parents who are a little bit strict and who wish their kids to be disciplined. Back talking is another phase of growing up. So change ur attitude, be patient and with lots of love everything will change soon. If u feel u cannot compromise on something, put it as a rule and be silent. Don't give room for heated arguments. If situation goes out of control, talk to student counsellor and teacher about behaviour and try to bridge gap between u and ur kid. In any case believe that ur kid loves u and u love ur kid and this will put an end to all ur worries. All the best!

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| Feb 14, 2014

Hi Nitika, You may find this blog helpful -

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