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bad cough

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Created by Poonam Moolchandani
Updated on Mar 15, 2013

Hi, My daughter is gonna be 4 months , she had bad cold and cough along with fever 5 days back , gods grace her fever is gone but the cough is still there . specially at night whenver i feed her she throws out it all after she coughs .   I am giving her solvincold f drops for past 2 days but yet i dont see any improvement.   Any good home remedy .   Regards   Poonam

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| Mar 16, 2013

Hi poonam in addition to the above suggestion do one more thing, nebulize her, i found it best way to recover but for this u need nebulizer. conslt child specialist for the medicine. my baby's Dr suggest 0. 5 budasol, u can use this, its very effective.

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| Mar 15, 2013

Hi Poonam. In addtion to the home remedies suggested by Bhavani, I would like to add a few things- Unfortunately we cant do much when babies this little have cough and cold. The cough will take some time to go away. Meanwhile, to help her feel better, you could sit with her in the bathroom with the hot shower running for steam to develop. The steam will help open up your baby's congestion. I used to do this twice a day. Also, you could apply a tiny bit of vicks on your baby's feet at bedtime and cover them up with socks. Vicks is normally not recommended for children under the age of 2, but I have tried this trick of rubbing a pea size dollop of vicks (under both feet) on my babies and it helped them sleep better instead of coughing and waking up every few hours. She may throw up food, which is completely normal. You may need to give her extra feeds as I am sure her appetite may be less now. Hope she feels better soon. Take care.

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| Mar 15, 2013

Hi.. Poonam, please try out the home remedies given in the below link, it some of them did work out when my kid was small.. .. take care of your kid..

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