Bad eating habit

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Created by Suchi
Updated on Apr 13, 2016

My daughter is about to 2 years. She is not eating properly. Everyday I am spending on an autorickshaw about 2 hrs for feeding her at night. What shall I do. How can I feed her without wondering .Plz suggest me.

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| Apr 14, 2016

Hi Suchi, Tanisha had rightly said. Here are few tips you can try: 1) Don’t force the kid to eat. It will only worsen the situation. Everybody need fuel to do some activity. Our kids do need. Once they feel hungry they will have. Some kids don’t eat much but until they are active it is ok. 2) Try to understand what kind of food he likes. 3) Take small portion of food. Once the kid say no than do stop there. 4) Present the food in attractive away. 5) Give some supplements of his choice. 6) Make him involve in some activity like listening to rhymes or enjoying videos or feed near a balcony or window where he can see outside. 7) As summer is at peak do give him lots of liquid in his diet. 8) Allow the kid to touch and feel the food. Its ok if he is making some fuss around until he is within limit. 9) Try to serve the food with other members of the family. So that he will learn from them and gradually generate interest to have similar food. Do give the food which elders have but in child friendly away. Don’t make spicy, serve in bit size portions. 10) Have lots n lots of patience. Do not make feeding a fearful thing to him.

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| Apr 14, 2016

Hi Suchi, the thumb rule while feeding children is not to give in to their unnecessary demands. Here since your daughter was not eating her food, she took her out in an autorickshaw just to assure that she eats. The result is that you are all the more frustrated and your daughter has become all the more stubborn to resist food. So one way can be to avoid giving in to her demands. If she doesn't eat let it be. No child will starve himself or herself. She may not eat at that time but she will come round and have her food. Initially she will use all the tactics that she can like crying, howling, and even resort to shouting. But be patient and you will see that your daughter is becoming a good eater.

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