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Updated on Jun 25, 2017

what should be the balanced meal plan for a 6 year old child who weighs 19 kg. ?

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| Jun 25, 2017

hi Amanpriit Bindra! hope you are doing well! u could begin his day with a glass of full cream milk ( if he's okay with milk early morning ) or u could give him cereal in milk and butter toast which he can have on his way to school. give a small apple or a pear which he can have during break along with uttapam with finely chopped veggies, / paneer paranthas/ Dal chilla / pancakes, for lunch u could give roti/rice, raita with grated cucumber or pakodi, a bowl of Dal/non veg, a serving of veggies. for evening give a glass of full cream milk at around 5pm followed by light snacks in the evening such as poha/ upma/ vermicelli/ poached or boiled egg and fruit chaat t 7pm. u could serve dinner at around 8. 30 pm with home made pizza with finely chopped veggies or rice with Dal and veggies and cup of kesar milk at 10 pm. u can add variety to it . hope this helps!

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| Jun 27, 2017

Full cream milk at the beginning of the day and before meals has the tendency to suppress the appetite. Your child may refuse to eat the upcoming meal after having milk. So better to keep the serving of milk at a fair distance from meal.... say 3-4 hours minimum.

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