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Updated on Jun 07, 2012

Hi All, Have been doing some reading on the benefits of Bananas in the summer. I was told its one of the best fruits to snack on in the summer - specially for children. Looking forward to some valuable advice/comments Thanks

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| Jun 11, 2012

Eating a banana before bed increases the rate at which your body produces Melatonin, the chemical that fires in your body to make you sleep. AFTER you exercise, or when you are fatigued, eating a banana dramatically increases your recovery/rejuvenation time, because the muscle fibers that you tore when exercising are most rapidly repaired by potassium - something that is more than abundant in bananas. Because of this, you recover and refresh quicker, making you feel like you've received an energy boost. Now its my turn to say ... Looking fwd to more comments :-)

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