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Bath and common cold


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Jan 19, 2016

Hi all... Is it true that we should not give bath to our baby when he/she has cold?? The elders in my family always tell me not to bathe my 9 n half month old daughter when she is suffering from cold.. and she loves to have bath.. first one or two days is ok but no bath for 3-4 days? I am all the time confused about what to do.. As we all know once the baby gets cold it usually lasts for about a week... so what do most of the moms here do??

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| Jan 20, 2016

Thank u for your feedback Sumi and Tejal!!

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Tejal Singh

| Jan 20, 2016

Hi, I generally don't bath my baby in cough and cold. During cough n cold i bath him alternate days or may be thrice a week. at that time I sponge him with hot water. Rest time everyday ard 11-12. As we mostly have humid atmosphere in Mumbai, n cold is rare factor. So pls decide the bathing ritual of baby as per environment and baby condition of cough n cold.

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Sumi Singh

| Jan 19, 2016

Hi there! My baby is 2 month old n I give her bath Daliy weather it's cold or hot. Everyday she was also suffering from common cough n cold n still she ve bit but nvr stopped fr giving her bath with warm water between 10am to 11:30 am. It's perfect time to give bath without any hesitation m dis was suggested to me in hospital. Wr I stay sumtime temp falls to 7 degree still I mange to giv her bath. Jus put room heater on close the door n she can take bath with warm water:)

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