bed wetting and brushing teeth

3 to 7 years

Created by Srividya
Updated on Aug 22, 2016

my son wet the bed at night and refuses to brush his teeth

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| Aug 23, 2016

all d things said by shikha is correct,only one thing u can add in it ,u can give 5 munakkas to eat . that will increase immunity and stop toilet on bed. but one thing should remember as munakkas are little warm by nature so start with 2 as it suits to baby u can increase the number up to 5

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| Aug 23, 2016

hi Srividya!hope u r doing great!!! a child wouldn't want to listen to u when he is busy playing or doing some activity. or. if he just doesn't like the idea of brushing his teeth. it's advisable to give him some time to finish whatever he is doing before he moves on to follow your instructions. you could tell him politely that in another 10 minutes he could move to the washroom. get fresh, slip into his night suit , brush his teeth and jump on to his bed. make it a sleep time ritual. if he does so, u would narrate him a story from a book. make it a fun activity by doing all this along with him and making it a race and whosoever wins will get a star or a smiley. Srividya kids enjoy doing the same thing if turned into play or fun game. be a part of it and enjoy the same. As far as wetting his bed is concerned , note the time when he pees at night . put up the alarm for yourself and around that time take him to the washroom. in few days time he will get used to it and do so on his own. hope this helps!

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