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Updated on Sep 27, 2016

4year old daughter pore Susu every night and bed gets wet. when she going to sleep I take to wash room. in the middle of she do Susu. and used to take her to wash room she crying alot in the night. one thing I didn't understand which age the children are going to wash room in the middle night also. and when they get complete control on their urinary system. bed wetting for 4year girl is normal or it is abnormal. pls tell me Nd give me ur suggestions..

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| Jan 11, 2017

dear don't serve milk or any liquid after 8pm. as Dr advised me to do so and it works in case of my son of 5years

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| Jan 05, 2017

hi.. the same problem was with my younger sister even at the age of 10.. i remember my mom started to give her sesame seeds with jaggery.. and surprisingly she stopped urinating on the bed.. u hv to grind black sesame seed(kala til) n mix with jaggery n give two to four spoon daily before bed time.. all d very best

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| Oct 14, 2016

Try a bedwetting alarm. These work well to stop bedwetting in children older than age 4. Here is a good place to get them http://onestopbedwetting.com They have a alarm chooser tool which can help you get the best bedwetting alarm for your daughter too! Good luck.

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| Sep 28, 2016

Hi Neelima, here's a blog that may help you-https://www.parentune.com/parent-blog/why-bed-wetting-is-never-a-childs-fault/237

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