Bed wetting

7 to 11 years

Created by Anu Rathi
Updated on Dec 29, 2016

My daughter Anshika is suffering from bed wetting. she is 10 years

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| Dec 29, 2016

hi again! Anu does that happen everyday or occasionally. if it happens everyday please get thorough check up done by an expert to rule out any underlying issue such as urine infection or lack of bladder control, diabetes, psychological stress, or deep sleep etc. . but if it happens occasionally look for what happened during the day that the accident happened , did she do too much of physical activity ,was tired and so missed the urge to answer nature's call or was she stressed during the day or did she have too much of fluids that day. To avoid that incidence again, make sure she gets into the habit of peeing before bedtime, reduce her intake of fluids before bed,and put an alarm wherein she could on her own or with your help use washroom at night, she could do baldder stretching excercises. we need to understand it's never the child's fault or not it is something that child does intentionally as she is lazy. there could be some underlying reason for it and blaming or scolding or embarrassing the child for this would only add to her stress and frustration thereby affecting her self esteem. please deal with it patiently and let her know u r by her side and say comforting words to her to make her feel better. avoid comparing her with younger sibling, saying she never does it as this would further add to her woes! hope this helps!

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| Dec 29, 2016

First of all, Anu, bed wetting is not a disease that a child suffers from. In fact, bed-wetting is not in her hands. She doesn't have night time bladder control and hence she ends up wetting the bed in the night. To control the night time bed wetting avoid giving her liquid diet in the evening.

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