Behavior issue at 5. 5 old daughter

3 to 7 years

Created by Rajshri
Updated on Jul 27, 2013

Hi , i have recently joined this community. My daughter is 5. 5 yrs old. she was a premature baby. I am single mother , a working mother. now a days she started giving back answer to everyone. she argues with people around her. she is not accepting her mistake. In studies she is good in oral but she has a problem in writing. She is very hyper & talkative. I am worried about her behavior. if i scold her , she feels insulting. Please suggest me , how to control her anger.

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| Aug 10, 2013

Thank you Reema. I will ask doc about it.

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| Aug 01, 2013

hii n welcome hre:) my child was also hyperactive. Wen i told my doc he said it was because of iron deficency. After meDicating it really showed a difference. Ask ur doc if Thats d case

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| Jul 29, 2013

Hi RAjshri! Welcome to PArentune! It is a very common problem that u r facing. U need to start all over again. Take one day at a time. Start finding out reasons what irritates her. May be its ur leaving home n not being able to spend much time with her, etc. try and understand ur child , wat makes her happy. U cud spend quality time with her on weekends to make up for the whole week. Playing with her, taking her to the park, watching cartoons, movies, feeding her with ur hand once in a while, hugging her often, reading out stories, listening to wat she has to say by paying attention, are some of the things that could be done to make her feel special. While at work u cud keep calling her in between to make her realise that u r with her and care for her. On ur way back home u cud get something she wanted to surprise her at times. Not scolding immediately when she is in anger but looking for appropriate time to explain to her wat could have been the best way of reacting in that situation. Reacting with anger, shouting etc cud flare up the heat. Ignoring at that time, walking away from room without saying a word wud convey the message that her behavior is not acceptable. Appreciating her, praising her in front of father , friends, family would boost her confidence. On the other hand complaint, scolding, nagging etc. wud demotivate her. Love and attention is wat ur child needs.

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| Jul 29, 2013

Thank you shikha for your valuable advice.

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