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Updated on Dec 28, 2019

Hi my son is 6 years old.. he is so active and smart but one thing is that he is so weak in natue, he is so emotional means if someone speak even loudly with him then he starts crying and afraid also.. his school teacher also tell me that in just small matter also he start crying and get easily afraid of anyone.. so what should i do to make him emotionally strong.. i m so worried about him..

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| Dec 28, 2019

Hi Shreya Jani ! I do understand your concern. Being emotional is not a sign of weakness in nature it's just that how he is. U could make him stronger emotionally, by making him play with agemates. Do pretend play games with him and tell him what would be the apt way to deal with such situations.

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| Dec 28, 2019

Also praise him often, create opportunities wherein he gets the chance to express himself. Also if feasible u could make him join theater classes during school break . Or he could join any classes of his choice which would make him open up and get confident.

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