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Updated on Mar 07, 2020

My child is becoming very selfish and rude. He would get his work done and start behaving rudely once work is done . when he gets angry he does not realise what he speaks and behaves irrationally. what can be done to make him understand.

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| Mar 07, 2020

Rohit Tanna hi I Need Your Time in this very fast pace life when parents are are getting busy with their work the child gets emotionally detached and the anguish is shown by these type of behaviour which you have mentioned so please have one to one talk with your child and tell try to tell him about the misbehave he had been doing but don't try to be Harsh with him because it is a very vulnerable age in which the child may get hurt and might behave more rudely then ever so tell him to remain calm and think before he behaves in such a way you can have evening talks or after dinner talks to make him feel comfortable loved and attended to

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