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Created by Padma Jaikanth
Updated on Apr 07, 2016

my daughter behaves with a atitude,how to teach her to good behaviour.

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| Apr 08, 2016

Thanks for the suggestion ,even I felt the behaviour could be cuz of her age factors.

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| Apr 07, 2016

Hi Padma Jaikanth! How r U ? The age group u have mentioned is preteens or pre adolescents .Many changes are taking place in her life physically, emotionally, cognitively and socially. Child is getting to understand that they can have a say which can be different from the authority figures. When parents remain adamant on their decision and wants children to obey they might get to hear backtalk or this might lead to arguments. Padma around this age parents need to understand disciplining with strict methods won't work. U need to be her friend and understand what's going on in her mind. Why she wants to do a particular thing or in a particular way. Is it because of peer pressure, to be accepted as part of the group, to prove her worth and to have a positive self image etc. ? Too much strictness or discipline can make them retaliate. Talk to her at length, share your stories. Take her out for long walks or for lunch. Help her open up and discuss anything under the sun with u. Don't react or snap at her immediately if u don't like something. Wait for the right time to share your thoughts in a calm and composed manner. HOpe this helps!

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| Apr 07, 2016

What sort of attitude?

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