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Updated on Oct 23, 2016

my daughter gets angry very quickly.

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| Oct 23, 2016

hi Prerna! I assume your daughter to be around 7/8 years old. anger could be her way of expressing her disagreements or frustration on certain matters .it is advisable since she would be soon entering her preadolescence to be followed by adolescence where in lot many external sources would have an impact on her such peer group, media, etc. work on the bond that you share with her. let her express in words how she feels when she is in a mood to share and express her feelings. let her know u understand how she feels and are with her no matter what. try and reach a consensus on issues. spend some exclusive moments with her wherein u give a patient ear to her. teach her how to divert her mind when she is angry and channelize it in doing something constructive. for instance let her learn any instrument of her choice say guitar or Casio and when she is angry,. she can spend sometime in her room playing it. or she could go out for a walk with u, she could play with her pet. don't avoid discussion on issues u feel have been the bone of contention rather make sure when u discuss u respect each other views and reach a consensus. hope this helps!

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