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Created by Manni Bhasin
Updated on Dec 03, 2016

my son is 3yr 10 month he is not at all social person... he never says hello or bye to anyone... i convince him to do so but he will not all do this.... pls advice what to do

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| Dec 05, 2016

thanks a ton

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| Dec 05, 2016

hi Manjinder kaur ! I understand your concerns. some children take time to open up in front of strangers and it's essential for them to break the ice to begin with. for instance if u already know that guests will be visiting u, prepare him in advance. tell him more about who all will be coming, their names, their kids names, how do u know them. if u have their pics show him. by doing so child would not feel that he is going to meet strangers . once he is at ease , go one step further and let him know when they have visited earlier. and or if u have visited them, how old was he, how nice they were to him and so on. also involve him in preparing things for them say organizing the house or arranging crockery etc.. this will further help him do away with his inhibitions. when they are finally there, don't force him to greet them rather let him be comfortable and come up himself and mix up. this way he will naturally overcome his fears. by labelling him with terms such as "shy" and "not so social" we have already presumed him to be so and not left any space for him to come out if his shell. praise him in front of them how he helped u with everything .Praise him for behaving so nicely, after they leave. hope this will help !

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