3 to 7 years

Created by Ruby Bhengraj
Updated on Jan 18, 2017

Very stubborn,always hitting and kicking people around him.

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| Feb 19, 2017

Thanks for it comments, I would definitely sit with him an make him express why is he showing those tantrums.

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| Jan 21, 2017

hi... my son 10 yrs old doesnt listen in one time... doesn't have manners when he is angry Infront of elders.... always demanding for gadgets ..

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| Jan 18, 2017

hi Ruby! Hope u r doing good! I understand your concerns. is your child able to express himself? please teach him appropriate use of words to express himself . for Instance-i am happy today. it was a bad day. the more he would express in words lesser would be his frustration level and lesser would be use of non verbal methods to express his anger. you could teach him anger management skills and practice yourself too so that child could imitate u and learn the same. for instance deep breathing, diverting your mind, laughing our loud, doing a physical exercise such as jumping , this would give a vent to your frustration. ensure everyday u spend time talking to him and ask him how has his day been? what was the best part about the day? what is that he didn't like ? how would he go about changing the part he didn't like? hope this helps!!

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| Jan 18, 2017

Hi Ruby, I can understand your concern. But there has to be some underlying issues that you are not able to see currently. So just sit with him and talk to him.

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