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Created by Saswati Ghosh
Updated on May 30, 2017

day by day she is becoming very rude and arrogant. always misbehaving with parents.

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| Jun 12, 2017

thanks shikha

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| Jun 10, 2017

my younger daughter is always jealous to my elder daughter. WO hamesha uski nakal krti he. Jo sister kragi whi WO bhi kragi . apne sis se fight kragi. jhooth bolagi. what to do

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| Jun 03, 2017

same problem is with me also

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| May 30, 2017

thanks shika for advice same problem with me

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| May 30, 2017

hi Saswati! the child is growing up and can dare to have different thinking from parents which is not wrong as two individuals can have two different viewpoints . it's advisable to give a patient ear to her and listen to what she has to say, respect her viewpoint and then u could share yours. try and express politely, the child would also listen to u and if she agrees with you, she could follow. Saswati we need to explain to our children as they grow older, the why part behind our statements. it's time that one dons the hat of a friend and u could try and connect better with her, as the more the difference of opinion, more would be the rebellion from her end , and more deviant behavior. spend exclusive time with her, share your stories , how times used to be when u were growing up and chat a lot, answer her questions. this would bridge the gap and there would be a better understanding of each other's viewpoint. Saswati this is that age when peer group influence is more and child has access to many sources of information. please deal with her with love and care and give attention to her. tkcare!

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