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Created by Puneet Seema Sodhi
Updated on Sep 07, 2017

Hi! my daughter is 4 Yrs 3 months old. some time she can't face the failure n starts crying. what to do

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| Sep 07, 2017

Hi Puneet Seema Sodhi ji. This age is very crucial in kids. We have to be very calm and patient with them. Not accepting failures is common in this age. So we have to tell them that winning or not winning is the only result of any competition, but the process of learning during that competition is more important. We must tell them, sometimes they will win and sometimes they will loose, but its okay. You can do one thing, when your kid wins, you can give example of that kid who have lost. You should make your kid understand that feeling which the other kids must be feeling, then your kid will surely understand, how to take failures. I hope this will help you...

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| Sep 07, 2017

hi Puneet Seema Sodhi ! failure is difficult to accept for us adults even. u need to pass on the message that participation is important, winning and loosing are not. whenever he comes back after participating in a competition , however big or small it may be and the results are yet to be declared, congratulate him for participating and praise him for his efforts. remind him he has already won by doing his bit I.. e participating , rest is not in his hands , so focusing his energies on that would be a waste of time and effort. if u would communicate the same message again and again by setting an example yourself or through stories, or role play, and celebrating participation and not winning , he would learn to take things in his stride, including his failures. hope this helps!

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