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behaviour and anger relate to food

3 to 7 years

Created by Prema Arun
Updated on Jun 22, 2016

my 3 children are getting angry soon and I find behaviour disorder. how to handle this situations

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| Jun 23, 2016

hi this is maleka fakhri you can try reiki therapy for them

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| Jun 22, 2016

Hi Prema Arun! How r u ! U r doing a great job as a mother taking care of three children. Each child according to his/her age and has different demands and expectations from u ! I understand it's difficult to meet them all. but u could try doing your best by understanding what each child needs are. When u say they r angry all the time, it's not right. Try and give words to their emotions. Like they are disappointed, or frustrated, upset, grumpy. And positive emotions like happy, cheerful, satisfied. This would equip them to describe how they actually feel and u can empathize with them which should make them feel better. If we would describe even when they are frustrated as "angry", their mind would signal them to behave so. Secondly, give attention to even elder kids as they might feel neglected and misbehave to grab your attention. Thirdly, praise them, hug them, and spend time with them . This would motivate them to behave well. Fourthly, never compare your kids as this could aggravate sibling rivalry and affect their relationship. Fifthly, keep a watch on your behavior as children might imitate u and u don't want them to imbibe negative behaviors like shouting, throwing away things, or hitting or even complaining about each other . Hope this helps!

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| Jun 22, 2016

what to do

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