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Behaviour change due to sibling

3 to 7 years

Created by Ad_pharm
Updated on Jun 03, 2017

Our elder daughter, 4 yrs 7 months, is getting annoyed and angry on everything. She shouts and tell us that we spend all our time with our new baby, 5 months. We understand what she is going through, but need guidance how to handle it better.

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| Jun 04, 2017

We started counseling our elder one as soon as we knew a new member was about to arrive. We told our elder daughter that she was going to have a wonderful company who would stay with her all the time. she could play, share and dance with her. when the little one arrived, another beautiful girl, the elder one was overwhelmed. I told big didi, that since her sister is very very small, I will have to pay more attention to her as she cannot do anything on her own. we started hugging, kissing and appreciating the elder one even more. thus, she never felt jealous or left out. she and her sister play a lot. they are wonderful together.

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| Jun 04, 2017

Thanks Shikha. Luckily we have been doing most of the stuffs you mentioned. So hope things will be fine soon.

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| Jun 03, 2017

hi Ad_pharm! how r u! congrats ! yes I do understand your worry! it's not unusual for the elder one to feel so . she might be the first one in order but is still a 4 year old child. she feels her parents , her home, her belongings, her room, her toys etc.. everything has been taken away by this lil baby whom everyone calls her sister. Ad_ pharm , please acknowledge her fears, anxieties, frustration and anger. talk to her and let her know, u know how it feels, tell her how u reacted when u had to go through the same phase. but then how u adjusted with your sibling and began to enjoy his/her company. how much fun u two used to have together. narrate incidences. tell her how much she would enjoy her sister's company , and love it when she would call her Didi.. everyday involve her in taking care of her lil sister by asking her to help u in piling her clothes , helping u in dressing her up etc. make sure when baby sleeps u spend exclusive time with her or your wife could hand over the baby to u after feeding her and she could talk to her, teach her , play with her. please try and give equal attention to both and divide time between them equally. your elder one understands everything and is going through a rough phase so help her come out of it and accept her sister . I am sure with each other's support u will be able to deal with this . tkcare!

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