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Created by Hetal Patel Pandit
Updated on Dec 08, 2016

my child doesn't understand social behaviour. he is very much expressive but if someone doesn't listen to him in his school or at home he loses in temper and hit.

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| Dec 10, 2016

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| Dec 09, 2016

hi hetal,talking this out on a daily basis along with giving situational examples should be able to resolve this issue. Everytime he throws a tantrum or hits ask him how he would feel if the same was done to him. Talk to him about the importance of using words and conversations instead of hitting, as the former would lead to reaching a solution not the latter. Also you should avoid fulfilling any of wishes at home that is followed by a tantrum and while doing so encourage him to use words. let using of words be the gateway of solving all his problems and fulfilling all the reasonable wishes at home. I am sure that if this is practised consistently at home, he will imbibe the same social skill naturally and practice in school too.

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| Dec 08, 2016

hi Hetal Patel! hope u r doing fine! he is just 4 years old I believe and learning with each passing day . He is developing social as well as language skills. the more and more he would interact with others , the more these skills will be refined. at home make sure he is taught to express his frustration in words for instance " I am not feeling good, as I got scolding from my teacher. " or " it has been a tough day for me as my friend behaved rudely with me ". so the more and more he will be able to express himself in words , the better equipped he will be to handle any frustrating situation. read him story books based on similar themes. do role play at home , and teach him appropriate response to a situation, which he finds difficult to deal with. praise him when he controls his anger . talk to him and tell him hands are for helping ourselves as well as others, mouth does talking that too after thinking, so that no one is hurt. the entire family should follow this rule. I am sure he is too young to understand this now, but it's repetition as well as examples laid everyday at home would finally make this quote sink in. hope this helps

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| Dec 08, 2016

Hi Hetal, You need to sit with him and discuss your concerns with him. There is some sense of insecurity in him and that's why he behaves like this.

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