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Behaviour issue

Deviyani Kumar
1 to 3 years

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Updated on Jul 20, 2015

My daughter is in pre nursery and has started pushing and hitting children in the class. Also she hits and bite didi in the class .... Please help me how do I teach her not to do so.

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Preeti Keshari

| Aug 03, 2015

My son is 2. 6 yr n whenever his friend come at home n he started fight n through the things nearby n don't shares the toys also . I don't know how to handle it

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| Jul 30, 2015

Even I have similar issues.... my daughter is just 14 months old and she had developed this weird habit of banging her head against anything that is nearby whenever she doesnt like something.... dont understand how to get her out of it... any suggestions...

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simran sharma

| Jul 20, 2015

Hello, Behaviour issues are very common in kids nowadays. it is really a huge task to handle their tantrums. You need to teach her firmly and make sure you don't express aggression in front of her. Make her realise that her behaviour is not acceptable. You can join the workshop on behaviour for expert advice here is the link . :)

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