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Updated on Apr 11, 2017

My son is 5 yrs 5 months old and he is very aggressive. he gets angry very often, start shouting and breathing very fast and if i try to stop him he becomes more Aggressive... really worried and now days he doest not listen to me he does what he wishes and when i ask him why are u behaving like this, he says if i will ask for your permission you will say no only . so better not to ask you..

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| Apr 11, 2017

hi Katrina Khan! how r u! the child shared the exact reason for his autonomous behavior and not seeking your permission. it's going to be a 'NO' if I ask Mom. exactly that's the case, this generation hates to hear No as an answer. so its better we modify ourselves and let them hear what they want to. please make sure when u talk to him, u r calm and the word NO doesn't appear in your sentences. that simply doesn't mean u r ought to say Yes to all their demands. it simply mean that u need to reframe your sentence in such a way that it's not an obvious No. for instance he wants to go to the park and play with his friends and u would want him to study at this hour. u could say " my dear child, what if we study for half an hour and then go to the park together. I will take a round and u can play with your friends". try this out Katrina for a while , do let us know whether it worked with your child or else we will find another way. hope this helps!

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