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Behaviour of 3 months old babies

Shwetha Mahesh

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Feb 15, 2016

Hi all, I wanted to how do the 3 months old baby behave n activities of a 3 months old baby? Also can I start Potty training ? My baby goes to potty 5-6 days once. S it normal!?

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gayatri chadwa

| Feb 15, 2016

Its normal for babies to pass stool once in even 7 days at this stage.. feed the baby exclusively on breast milk till 6 months.. once you begin extra semisolid food and water after 6 months the schedule will begin to set.. Just keep an eye whether the baby urinates regularly. Also your baby may start rolling over so keep a watch.. new things will be seen everyday.. Happy parenting!!

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Swati Nitin Gupta

| Feb 15, 2016

Hi Shwetha, three months old baby starts recognising your voice and starts following you with his or her eyes. Your baby is too young for a potty training now, as the baby is not capable of holding his or head. Once the baby starts sitting even with support you may initiate the potty training. For constipation issue it is better to check with your paeditrician.

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Vineka V

| Feb 15, 2016

Hi.. It says your baby is dehydrated.. Give baby little warm water in between feedings particulary at night before going to sleep. It will keep the baby hydrated n relieves constipation too..

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