Behaviour of 5 yearchild

3 to 7 years

Created by Yamini Chetan Patil
Updated on Jun 03, 2015

My girl is of 5yr old always destroy some creams , oils, papers , and sctared every thing, if told not to do then also she does any suggestion for me

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| Jul 10, 2015

Hi Yamini, I would also suggest that you could give her some creams etc that are safe for her to play with and maybe apply on her dolls. Children do these things mostly out of a sense of curiosity, and rather than stifling them( which they may respond to by becoming even more defiant), it may be helpful to guide them into exploring in a manner that is safe for them and acceptable to us as well. Maybe you could give her some useless pieces of paper to play with and tell her that there are other important papers that she must not handle. Give her some time.. she'll settle down. Lots of love to you and your child :)

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| Jun 04, 2015

Hi Yamini Chetan Patil, though this is common at this age among children, but shouldn't be encouraged at all. To start with, you can get her things which you don't mind getting scattered or thrown away and try to restrict her within a certain area in the house. Moreover, you can talk to her when the time is right and make her understand the ill effects of touching and using unknown things. And regarding anything else, i guess Shikha has already suggested a lot to which i totally agree.

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| Jun 03, 2015

Also u could buy her a doll set with make up kit which has empty bottles. She can pretend playing with those.

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| Jun 03, 2015

Hi Yamini! Sometimes to keep our kids occupied we make these things available to them and allow them to use these. The habit continues and they keep doing so at a later stage too. To avoid same we should keep in mind 1. We should have same rules everytime and not change according to situation. 2. Be firm on rules. 3. U could show her pics of spoiled faces on Internet due to application of these creams. 4. Tell yr child stories on ill effects of these creams. 5. Share with her that by spoiling these she is wasting money. 6. Reward her for not wasting by putting a small amount in her piggy bank and buying something useful for her by the end of the month. 7. Praise her for conforming to instructions. Hope these help.

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